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Bizarre Adventure of Gilbert & Sullivan Graphic Novel

Bizarre Adventure of Gilbert & Sullivan Graphic Novel

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"Things are seldom what they seem, skim milk masquerades as cream."

- W.S. Gilbert, HMS Pinafore

Think you know comics? Think you know history?

Think you know Gilbert & Sullivan?

Think again.

The Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan mixes fact with fiction and the sublime with the ridiculous to outrageous effect. Did you know that Queen Victoria's rat catcher was called Jack Black? You do now! High-energy manga-style art collides head-on (then bows politely in apology) with historical facts and faces to produce topsy-turvy tales the like of which you've never before seen. Winner of the International Manga and Anime Festival "Best Comic" category, it's the comical pamphlet of choice for ladies, gentlemen and urchins alike!