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Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus Vol. 01

Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus Vol. 01

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Shannon Wheeler (W/A)

Shannon Wheeler was once just another ambitious cartoonist with some big ideas (and some small ones, too), a wicked sense of humor, a questioning spirit, and a coffee jones the size of a tanker truck. Who would have ever guessed that ten years later, he would have multiple volumes of critically acclaimed cartoons under his belt and a rich, satisfying career? Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus gathers all of the cartoons from four hilarious volumes of work, bringing together all of Wheeler's signature satire and sweetness in one convenient package. Essential for Too Much Coffee Man fans, and sure to convert new ones!

o  Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus collects four Too Much Coffee Man volumes-Guide for the Perplexed, How to Be Happy, Parade of Tirade, and Amusing Musings.

o The omnibus format promises an extra-tall helping of laughs for a great price!

o Wheeler's hilarious strips have been featured in both the New Yorker and The Onion.

Text and illustrations of Too Much Coffee Man © Shannon Wheeler.