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Ursa Minors Vol. 01 Collected Wait-For-The-Trade Edition

Ursa Minors Vol. 01 Collected Wait-For-The-Trade Edition

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  • by Neil Kleid & Fernando Pinto
    Tom, Richard and Harry are Bears One, Two and Three - gifted with high-tech robotic bear suits that grant them incredible strength, night vision and razor sharp claws. The pop-culture raised/Internet age defenders of Bigby City focus their strengths on comics, beer, and comics about beer. Spending their days at the local ice cream/comic shop, the amazing Bear Suits occasionally protect the city from ninjas, dinosaurs, and robotic movie directors. But then Richard is introduced to the wonder of Internet chatrooms, and he accidentally arranges a date with the Bear's greatest enemy! Will Richard's heart get broken or will the Bears have to break villainous bones?