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The Flash/Impulse Runs In Family

The Flash/Impulse Runs In Family

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Meet the FASTEST kid alive!

Bart Allen seems like a typical, fun-loving teen—except that he totally isn’t! This 30th-century kid was born with a hyper-accelerated metabolism that caused him to age rapidly, so he had to be raised in a virtual reality environment that could keep pace with his hypersonic mind and body for most of his life.

After arriving in the late 20th century and finding a way to stabilize his aging process, Bart has decided to stick around and learn what it takes to be a hero. Under the tutelage of zen Speed Force master Max Mercury, Bart’s about to find out that life isn’t a video game and that the real world has real consequences— especially when villains like White Lightning, Gridlock, and the evil speedster Savitar come a-knocking. But a little danger now and then isn’t going to slow down this fleet-footed funster!

Join Bart as he turns the quiet town of Manchester, Alabama, upside down in this high-voltage collection of tales. From Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) and Humberto Ramos (The Amazing Spider-Man) comes the beginning of their incredible run on Impulse in Flash/ Impulse: Runs in the Family. This volume collects Impulse #1-12 and The Flash #108-111, including the six-part “Dead Heat” crossover event co-starring the Flash.